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June 16, 2022

What Do You Expect During Laser Gum Surgery?

Laser Gum
An expert periodontist will put the laser fiber optic at the canopy of the periodontal pocket. Dentists will use the laser light to eliminate the infected gum tissue without losing a healthy one and to remove the germs from the periodontal pocket. Once they clean the gum pocket, they put the laser aside. After that, periodontists use an ultrasonic device to break the tartar and remove & clean it using sound waves. Periodontists reintroduce the laser light into the gum pocket to clean the bottom and remove the bacterial substances. Moreover, the laser also helps to sterilize the tissue and bone and revive the growth of blood clots. With the formation of blood clots, treated spots start healing quickly, and you will notice the reattachment of gum tissue to the tooth. You won't require to have stitches. Visit a nearby dentist to have laser periodontal therapy Houston.

How much does laser gum surgery cost?

Laser surgery cost depends on various factors, including patients' geographic location, and the size of the treatment. Additionally,  if the particular dentist is offering discounts or providing insurance. Sometimes, your dentist may provide consultation free of cost. The consultation process includes X-rays that might cost $50 to several hundred dollars. Suppose the dentists have performed scaling and root planning before the laser gum surgery. In that case, the charges may range from $200 for one quadrant to $1,500 or more. If you are opting for laser surgery for aesthetic reasons, therefore, it may cost between $675 and $875 per tooth.

How does laser gum surgery work?

Lasers are a powerful thermal energy source that can perform various treatments and produce effective results. Lasers can;
  • Clipped and terminate diseased tissue
  • Thicken blood vessels to form tangible clots
  • kill germs and bacteria
  • Sterilize to clean the treated area
So, if you are looking for surgery without no stitches, laser surgery is perfectly fit to achieve the goal.