Wednesday, July 24, 2024

July 15, 2021

Web design industry future


While the number of internet users continue to grow, the number of businesses using the internet as a tool has taken an exponential turn. The web is now recognized as being a real source of revenue and a competitive market where large and small companies sell their products. What does this mean for the web design/development industry?

New comers are attracted by the growth potential of this industry, the strength of its positive trend and its size. We see more and more competition among small web development/design companies while bigger and larger companies are entering this market offering a complete range of services. Those same companies have a strong financial basis, can afford massive advertising campaigns and develop tools that would take months or years to develop otherwise.

Does this mean the end of freelancers and small companies? To a certain extent, Yes! This industry is still growing and still requires a lot of available resources but large corporations have understood the potential of that market and are quickly adapting their tools and products to respond to a more and more professional demand.

There is no doubt that it will become increasingly difficult to compete in such a market and that many freelancers and small 'one man' companies will close their shop.

To some extent we should see some restructuring in this industry as well as acquisitions and mergers. There are no other way for those who want to survive than thinking bigger and better. The time when those same large corporations were offering somewhat of a product at a somewhat good quality level are behind us. Today, the quality of services, tools and products offered are far more professional at a cheaper cost...