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July 15, 2021

Internet Advertising And Its Effects On The Industry.


Internet Advertising and marketing has had a huge effect on the industries across the United States and world wide for that matter. Internet advertisements offering music downloads of songs and music, has had an impact on the music industry as well as the video sales due to the fact that people just don't go out and buy CD's as often as they used too.

Flea markets and roadside markets or second hand shops have felt the plunge as well, now that Internet advertising shows items being sold by online auctions or individual websites. Book sales are down and the production or publishing companies are suffering because of obtaining them through Internet advertisements of e-books of novels as well as new releases. Sometimes the e-books have a fee but nothing like that of actually buying a real book.

Banking and financial institutions were suffering until the idea of online banking came into the scheme of things. But even with this being said, the banks and financial institutions have felt the effects of Internet advertising online banking forcing the loss of employment for those who would originally be employed to do the services the online banking now provides.

There are other companies who provide their services on the internet and the internet advertising used to let people know about these services only seem to make the idea of everything going to the computer simply harder for the industry. Many people look for Internet advertisements on televisions, or wholesale furniture even, this has an impact on different companies who would normally sell these things.

It used to be a concern as far as security on the Internet, when Internet advertisements would show a product you could purchase online, but this issue was resolved with the introduction of encryption of sites that deal with personal information. There are more security features that are now in places over the Internet to protect data.

Also, with the higher speed of Internet connections, many that look up internet advertisements can find what they are looking for a lot faster than having to get into a vehicle and drive across town to find the same item. Currently 150 million people use the online banking system, partly for convenience, and partly for the convenience of when they see an Internet advertisement that shows an item they need or want, it is much easier to obtain.

The effects the Internet advertising has on industry continues to surge, while in the meantime the industry suffers more. Online Internet advertising has grown to at least tens of billions of dollars annually. Last year the total spent by people by using Internet advertising, auctions, or department stores by the use of being on the Internet was approximately $16.9 billion dollars.

The industry is truly being affected by the Internet advertising and the impact that the internet itself is having on the world. It is expected to continue to climb, and if this is what is going to be what effect will all this have on industry in the future?