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June 16, 2022

Unique Door Hanger Ideas For Real Estate Agents That Generate Leads

door hanger ideas

In real estate, the first impression your potential buyers get from you is from your door hanger. A quality door hanger can be the difference between making or losing a sale, especially when potential clients see multiple real estate agents on the same street. In order to give yourself an edge over your competition, you need unique and creative door hanger ideas that will make your potential clients remember you instead of your competitors. This article will give you some unique and creative door hanger ideas to help you out with that goal.

1) Use 3D photography on your door hangers

When people see a home, they’re usually pressed for time. The chance of that person stopping to look at door hangers is pretty slim. An effective real estate door hanger needs to stand out in order to be seen, so one of the best ways to do that is with 3D photography. It has a lot of visual appeal and makes it easy for your clients to see what they’re going to buy! There are many companies that offer 3D photography services; some will even print your image on their door hangers. If you’re on a budget, you can always do it yourself by finding stock photos online and using editing software like Photoshop or Gimp. All you need is an Internet connection and a printer!​

2) Inspire Curiosity

Door hangers are a familiar and successful marketing tool used by many real estate agents. They’re cheap, ubiquitous, and a great way to increase exposure for your business. Door hangers are often used for a few weeks before an open house, or even placed during a showing with some leftover ones thrown in door-to-door to increase awareness of your brand in your neighborhood. With so many real estate agents using them it can be hard to think of new ways to use door hangers that haven’t already been done—but they are much more versatile than you might realize! I asked 7 real estate agents (with some help from my friends at Reddit) for their favorite unique door hanger ideas that actually generate leads and now I want to share them with you!

3) Showcase Customer Testimonials

With real estate, it’s all about trust and authenticity. All of your prospective customers want to know that they can trust you and that their home will be represented well in the end. One of your most effective ways to get people on board is by showing them what you have done for others in similar situations before. Make sure that you put at least one positive testimonial right on your card so that when someone picks it up, they feel convinced about calling or emailing for more information. You might also include a social proof component as well; if possible, show how many happy customers are in your business and what kind of products or services they used from you specifically.

4) Make People Smile with Humor

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? And what better way to get someone to remember you and your brand than with a funny, lighthearted print design on a custom door hanger that says something memorable or makes them chuckle? You can even add some additional value and include useful information, such as how to access relevant websites or contact you for more details. Personalized door hangers like these are also great marketing tools when it comes to bringing in new clients – they make people smile with their clever sayings or smart sense of humor, then pop up in their memory later. Whether delivered by mail or hung up around your target market’s neighborhood, people will be talking about your witty take on things long after they first received it.

5) Feature a Touch of Luxury

Another door hanger idea to generate leads is to do something slightly extravagant. Instead of going with a traditional For Sale sign, try putting up one that says For Rent. While most prospects are interested in buying, renting is a different market. By targeting renters, you increase your chances of lead generation (and reduce your costs). Do keep in mind that some neighborhoods won't allow rental properties and there's also legal considerations when it comes to actually collecting rent. If you decide to go ahead and knock on doors in order to drum up potential rentals, be sure you're clear about your sales pitch. You wouldn't want people thinking you're trying to get them into a contract for a house they don't want!

6) Create Your Own Photography Calendar

You may have already heard about photo calendars as an effective marketing tool to generate more leads for your real estate business. But did you know that you can easily create your own photo calendar? Instead of purchasing a $10-$20 calendar from Target or Walmart, save money by creating your own. By using a few simple printing and organizing tips, you can complete your design in less than 30 minutes. Start by choosing high-quality photos that showcase properties or staging services. Print them on high-quality paper and leave extra space around each image so clients have room to write notes and make appointments. Choose a hard cover with pages that open up completely or wire binding so clients don’t have to deal with holes punched into their photos.

7) Do Something Fun With Chalkboard Printing

Chalkboard printing can be an effective tool for real estate agents to use when they’re working to close deals. If you’re planning on putting your house on the market in 2017, it might be a good idea to make use of chalkboard printing before potential buyers get a chance to visit your home. By using non-permanent chalk markers, you can change things up as often as you like and keep your front door open for interested buyers all year long. You don’t have to go full-on HGTV—even a little bit of paint or decal goes a long way in creating an inviting entrance that encourages would-be buyers inside. Who knows?