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January 19, 2023

What Is The Process Of Filling A Tooth?

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The Miami pediatric dentist will first use a local anesthetic to numb the tooth's surrounding area. They will then remove the damaged part with a drill, air abrasion tool, or laser. The dentist's level of comfort, training, and investment in the particular piece of equipment, as well as the decay's location and severity, influences the instrument's choice. To confirm if all of the decay has been removed, your dentist will then probe or test the region. The dentist for kids in Miami will clean the cavity of germs and debris after removing the decayed part to prepare the area for the filling. Your dentist might initially place a liner made of glass ionomer, white composite resin, or another filling material to protect the nerve if the decay is close to the root. After placing the dental filling, your dental expert will often polish and complete it.

What kinds of dental fillings are available?

There are various kinds of dental fillings. According to pediatric dentistry near me, the amount of decay in the tooth and other considerations, such as a person's allergy to a material, will determine the filling they should use. The various kinds of dental fillings are:

Metal Filling

The pediatric clinic open near me suggests metal fillings because they are long-lasting and old age filling. A silver filling in this form is reasonably priced. But gold is still a favored option despite its high cost because these fillings can sustain chewing pressure and often last between 10 and 15 years.

Composite Filling

The white composite filling matches the shade of your teeth. These are favored if a person doesn't want their filing to be viewed. It is suggested and appropriate for front teeth and adheres effectively to the tooth's framework. It is also employed for chipped teeth. However, it's less durable and long-lasting than metal and silver fillings and is subject to fading with time.

Amalgam Filling

These have been the most extensively studied and applied by a dental pediatric dentist for quite some time. They have great strength since they are constructed of numerous metals together. This filling is more affordable and provides results that last longer than composite resin.

Ceramic or porcelain filling.

A porcelain filling is the best option if you have significant aesthetic problems. These can be utilized if the decay is substantial enough and covers most of the tooth. This durable filler resists stains and makes it easy to wear.

What could be the consequences of not getting a dental filling?

It is crucial to obtain fillings if you have decay because if the treatment is delayed, the enamel will start to deteriorate and expose the dentin. Dentin will come into contact with oral germs, leading to an infection. You will have sensitivity as soon as the infection begins and wish to have fillings put in. However, you must pay attention to this step and receive treatment promptly. In that case, the infection will spread to the tooth's nerve and eventually cause damage, necessitating a root canal. Additionally, you run the danger of the disease spreading to the neighboring tooth and weakening it.


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