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November 8, 2022

What Is The Procedure For Put Braces On?

Braces Procedure

Who doesn't wants to look best with a straight smile? Get a glance into your lifestyle with braces. Braces are helpful in your busy schedule as they do not prompt you to look for them; instead, they need regular oral hygiene.

People wear braces to straighten their teeth and improve their smiles. If you wear braces for an attractive smile with no gaps between your teeth or adequately aligned teeth, you may have a few queries about the procedure and how it moves on.

The Braces cost in Miami can vary with several factors that you must consider when calculating the treatment fees, including the type of orthodontic device, the braces for a child or an adult, and the case's complexity.

Remember that the more information you have about braces, the easier it will be to prepare for the braces to get that happy and healthy smile. If you know what the procedure will be, then everything is comfortable during the process. Braces help your teeth to align with the force and make your bite proper. So let's start the procedure.

Preparation for the procedure

If a patient has back teeth closer together, then Miami shores orthodontics places rubber bands or spacers between the teeth for a week. This is done before the braces are put in, which helps create enough space for the bands to fit tight around the back teeth. You may feel soreness on the back teeth & jaw because the teeth move to give room for the spacer.


Your orthodontist will clean your teeth before putting braces on with a cleaning paste and let them dry for a while.

Attaching the brackets

Once the teeth are dried completely then, the brackets are placed. They are tiny metals that hold the wires on the teeth. A glue or cement bonding is then applied to each tooth. The dentist will then set the bond with laser light. And finally, the dentist places the bracket on the tooth's center.

Placing the bands

Your dentist will then use bands to hold the brackets. The orthodontist then applies glue on the band and attaches the brackets. The blue light sets the bond, setting the band on the molars. You may have a twitching feeling during the placement. You can ask your best orthodontist in Miami fl, to adjust and make it comfortable.

Placing Archwires

The orthodontics then connects the archwire to the brackets after they are in their place.

Your dentist will curl small rubber bands around each bracket to attach it to the wire to get the results. The rubber bands can be of any color; the only thing you can do is choose the color for the rubber band. And finally, the dentist will cut the end of the wire to prevent it from hurting your mouth.

Dental care after braces are put on:

You may need additional dental care when wearing braces. Your orthodontist will guide you through a technique for brushing and flossing that will help you keep your teeth healthy and free of stains and cavities. You should wash your teeth several times a day. Swish water after consuming anything sugary to eliminate any leftover food particles. An interproximal brush or a water flosser can help clean the teeth underneath the archwire. The teeth will eventually begin to align themselves as designed after some time.

In Conclusion:

Schedule an Appointment with a dentist for braces near me if you opt for braces. Call or visit your orthodontist for more information.