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April 26, 2022

What Exactly Is Neck Liposuction?

Neck Liposuction

Neck liposuction is a surgical procedure used to remove the excess fat from under the chin area or neck. The suction technique is a relatively quick and effective procedure to address the extra fat pockets below the chin in the neck area as a "double chin." Liposuction can remove the access fat, but it cannot remove the sagging skin. Neck liposuction or neck fat removal works best on young people, primarily in their 20s to early 50s. 

As younger people typically have good skin elasticity, which is necessary for the skin to contract evenly and smoothly after the liposuction procedure. For most patients, neck liposuction Houston is a relatively quick procedure, and many times it can be performed using a short process and mostly requires only general anesthesia.

What are the goals and considerations with neck liposuction?

  • Liposuctions improve the appearance of fullness or "double chin" below the chin.
  • Patients with good skin tone and elasticity will generally see the best results.
  • It balances the facial features and refines the jawline to enhance the skin. 
  • You can combine liposuction with rhinoplasty or augmentation to further enhance facial contours.
  • You can achieve long-lasting or permanent results as long as you maintain a stable weight.

How to deal with pain and swelling after the neck liposuction surgery?

After the neck liposuction or laser fat removal, patients should follow these steps to reduce the swelling and pain and also helps with the recovery process.

  • Have plenty of ice packs ready to keep on the surgical site.
  • Sleep in the recliner chair and keep your head elevated.
  • Make to keep the blood pressure under control
  • Do not bend over or lift heavy stuff
  • Avoid medications and supplements that can cause bruising.

Can you describe the cost of a neck liposuction procedure?

There's quite a wide range in neck liposuction cost. It is difficult to tell or estimate the exact cost because the neck liposuction is customized or tailored according to each patient's needs. There's no wrong or correct estimate for how much this cosmetic procedure can cost. Instead, the personalized price can depend on the.

  • The density of the fat tissues
  • The amount of fat you want to remove from your nack and chin
  • The kind or type of liposuction technique that being the surgeon is using
  • The body part or area being treated

There are other factors also that can affect the cost of liposuction procedures, such as

  • Facility fee
  • Experience level of your plastic surgeon
  • Prescribed medications
  • The type of anesthetics your surgeon is using
  • The cost-of-living index for where the location of your surgeon is

What is the recovery time of chin or neck liposuction?

In most cases, the patients feel well enough to return to their daily lifestyle and work the next day after the surgery. Patients return to their regular life within three days after the surgery when the swelling and pain are reduced. Many recover entirely after a week. 


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