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September 2, 2022

What Do You Know Regarding Lingual Braces?

lingual braces

Adults make up about one-fourth of all dental patients with braces. Other adults should get their teeth fixed, but they choose not to do so because they would feel self-conscious. Lingual braces Miami might be the best option for you if you belong to this category of adult patients. One kind of invisible brace is lingual braces.

Clear aligners, plastic or ceramic braces, or other invisible orthodontic products are available on the market. However, "lingual" braces or lower lingual holding arch are attached to the lingual side, or rear, of your teeth, which is closer to your tongue.

Are there any advantages of lingual braces?

There are many advantages of lingual braces.

Possibly less pain

Some studies differ on this idea but seem to favor lingual braces. Researchers discovered that users of lingual braces tended to have greater tongue pain. In contrast, individuals who used conventional or labial braces experienced more pain in their lips and cheeks. However, there were no discernible variations in pain assessments among the trial's around 60 labial and lingual braces users, and the pain subsided over time.


In lingual braces, the parts that make-up braces that are wired, brackets, and elastic bands are all situated on the back side of your teeth, and it makes it harder for people to notice the braces unless you open your mouth wide.

Fewer lifestyle adjustments

Any sort of brace will initially require some adjustments, and it could be necessary for you to start with soft and liquid food and learn how to care for your braces. However, lingual braces typically require fewer lifestyle adjustments than traditional labial braces.

For instance, you might need to modify your playing style or clean your instrument more frequently if you play the flute or saxophone and have labial braces. It often takes longer for those who wear labial braces to resume playing the trumpet and French horn.

Customizable design

Using CAD/CAM software, orthodontics specialists of Florida may create lingual braces uniquely tailored to each patient. Researchers looked at 42 people wearing lingual braces and discovered that those with custom-made lingual brackets would have less speech and chewing issues than those who wore ready-made brackets. Additionally, tongue soreness and pressure sores were more common among those who used prefabricated brackets.

Why do lingual braces affect our speech?

Wearing lingual braces will initially affect your speech ability. Some studies proved that you are likely to experience more trouble with your speech if you have lingual braces. A deeper analysis shows that lingual braces wearers will continue to face issues even after wearing them for a month. Those who wear labial braces will likely recover their speech within a month.

Are lingual braces expensive?

If you specifically use customized lingual braces, lingual braces are typically more expensive than labial braces. Although prices differ across orthodontists, geographic locations, and the necessary work, you might end up paying twice as much for ready-made lingual braces as for labial braces. Consider wearing affordable braces Miami or lingual braces on your top teeth and traditional labial braces on your bottom row to reduce the cost of your braces.


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