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July 8, 2022

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Lumineers?


Lumineers Houston is a cosmetic approach that is most effective for improving the appearance of your teeth. This option is a modification of veneers that are beneficial for those who want a healthy smile and a better impression of teeth. 

Benefits of Lumineers

Lumineers are one of the best cosmetic techniques and have many benefits for those looking for minor correction and improvement.

Non-invasive option

People who choose lumineers over veneers and dental crowns experience fewer teeth pain and sensitivity. Nearest Dentist Office generally don’t use any anesthetics during the placement of lumineers.

In the case of veneers and crowns, the dentist removes a thin layer of teeth enamel to make space for placement. This is to ensure less bulkiness around the teeth. There is a permanent requirement for prosthetics like dental crowns or veneers near me to protect peeled or ripped teeth.

But with lumineers, there is usually no requirement to remove any part of the enamel.

Dentist office open on Saturday near me can achieve better results using a less invasive method. This makes the process reversible; hence, post lumineers, the patient can go for another treatment option.

No need for temporaries

The process of getting lumineers is as same as the procedure of veneers. Initially, the dentist will take out the digital impressions and X-Rays. Then sent it to a dental laboratory that will construct restorative devices. It is necessary to take your oral impression precisely to get perfectly fitted so the lab will produce custom-made lumineers.

But in veneers near me, the dentist removes a thin layer of the enamel and then sets a temporary shell before delivering the final surfaces. Lumineers are about 0.2mm thick, so there is no need for enamel removal; the patient need not worry about the bulkiness of the tooth. Despite the thinness, Lumineers are durable and long-lasting and can last up to 20 years with proper oral hygiene and care. 

No recovery needed

In the case of veneers or crowns, you may feel some teeth sensitivity around the site, after the placement, for a few weeks or more. But lumineers don’t need a recovery period so that patients can do daily activities right after the treatment.

Solution for teeth discoloration

Lumineers are made from ceramic or porcelain and are highly durable and resistant to stains. Bleaching is not a long-term approach and is not highly effective for discoloration.

In addition, lumineers may offer a way better teeth brightening and is a very low-maintenance treatment.


You do not need to worry about the appearance of your smile if it makes you uncomfortable. With lumineers, you have a non-invasive and non-surgical option for a healthy and hygienic smile. If you are ready for this treatment, book a consultation with Dentist Houston Tx, so they can help you improve the condition of your mouth. You may solve all your problems by brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily and visiting your dentist for regular checkups twice a year.