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April 25, 2022

How Do Bite Blocks Appliances Help Braces Treatment?

bite block

Braces play a significant role in improving your bite and straightening your teeth, but they also need a helping hand in some complex cases. Braces have brackets that slide around the back teeth that slide around the back teeth that tightly hold the wires and bands to straighten your teeth. But bad bite damage those brackets. It is when you need a bite block. A bite block is also known as a ramp or turbo. 

Experts design bite blocks to keep your lower and upper teeth from touching during orthodontic treatment. It prevents your brackets from braking when you bite down. Orthodontists use bite blocks to reduce the treatment time and improve your bite. Bite blocks are custom-made to fit each individual's mouth. 

Can braces treat the issue of black triangle teeth?

Black triangle teeth happen due to the shape of the teeth. A lack of gum disease, or lack of gum tissue, also helps promote gum disease. Our gums naturally start to recede as we get older. It is why black triangles often appear in adults. If you notice these triangles between your teeth, there are orthodontic treatments like braces to close them. Your orthodontist may recommend treatment with braces or Invisalign to reduce the effect of black triangles. The therapy involves applying direct pressure on specific teeth to encourage movement towards a proper alignment.

Pulling teeth into proper alignment can effectively reduce black triangles. For many people presence of the black triangle can leave patients feeling self-conscious about their smiles. Still, with the help of modern treatment methods, technology, and skilled and experienced professional dentists, we can restore your smile and confidence in less time. 

Is it okay to wear a mouthguard over braces?

Yes, you can use a mouth guard for braces. For the best comfort and protection, the mouth guards are explicitly made to suit the mold of your braces and brackets. They're composed of medical-grade silicone and will adapt to changes in your mouth shape as your teeth move, making them a worthwhile investment in your smile while wearing braces. 

Talking to your orthodontist about getting a mouth guard to wear while receiving braces is the first step. After receiving it, your orthodontist will install your mouthguard for mounts to your molds. Because the guard is removable, you can have it adjusted during your orthodontic treatments. It implies it will feel good in your mouth even if you chew it.

While your orthodontist may be able to help you get a personalized mouthguard to fit your teeth's demands during your orthodontic treatment, it may not count in the price of your braces. You can also get a mouthguard only for bottom braces. Following your orthodontist's recommendation, a generic mouldable off-the-shelf braces mouthguard may need to be acquired from an external retailer if judged appropriate.


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