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March 1, 2023

How Can Braces Correct Kids Overbites?

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Do you need overbite braces for your kid? Depending on the case, a child or adult can have braces for many reasons. You must visit your dentist regularly for an oral checkup. If a problem arises, the dentist can correct it quickly. Many children have the most common problem of an overbite, and that needs treatment, or it may cause other oral issues. You must take your kid to the orthodontist for regular checkups to treat the disease or oral problem early. Therefore, there are many dental procedures to treat different oral issues. The dentist may suggest that your kid wear overbite braces or Invisalign for overbites. Invisalign is a more costly procedure, and your child should be equally concerned about keeping the aligners in the case after removing them. So, it is better to treat the problem with overbite braces. Overbite treatment is good as the child's teeth are still developing and can be corrected quickly. Overbite braces can help treat the condition.

How do overbite braces work?

As you visit your child at the kids' orthodontist near me, the dentist can evaluate whether you need to wear overbite braces. Once the dentist diagnoses your child's teeth, the dentist will prepare to fit the overbite braces in two sessions. The orthodontist will put metal braces brackets on the teeth's enamel at the first appointment. The dentist will use wire to secure and support the brackets. Once your teeth are straightened, then the overbite treatment follows. In the second appointment, the dentist will add springs, a coil, and a rubber band to the braces, and the exciting part is that you can choose different colors for the bands. These elements add support and stabilize the jaw to fasten the treatment. Ensure that overbite braces require more care and upkeep than other appliances. However, your dentist will guide you on maintaining hygiene optimally and avoiding gum disease and tooth decay. Also, there are different types of braces. You can take suggestions from your dentist about which braces will be a good option or select more naturally-looking ceramic brackets instead.

What are the leading causes of overbite?

Occurring overbites can have many reasons. The main reason for this issue can be: Genetics – It can happen if any of your family members has an overbite issue. There are more chances of having an overbite. Thumb sucking – The thumb-sucking habit can also cause an overbite issue, especially at the toddler stage. Malformation of the jaw – Bottle feeding too much can cause an overbite problem; therefore, avoid using the baby bottle for a more extended time. Chewing hard and sticky foods – When chewing on hard foods or biting your nails can cause an overbite. People often with overbites face problems while speaking, and they may develop a lisp because of improper teeth alignment. However, the overbite issue can be treated with overbite braces, and the dentist can fix these issues successfully. You can ask the dentist for overbite before and after braces images to see the result of the braces.

What are the consequences of not treating an overbite?

If the overbite is not treated, it can negatively affect the child's mouth and cause many oral issues. Here are some of the common complications that an overbite can cause:
  • Unbalanced facial structure.
  • Crowded or crooked teeth
  • Cause jaw pain or headaches
  • Damage to front teeth
  • Negatively impacts the development of the mouth and jaw
  • Poor self-esteem and consciousness
  • Chewing and eating problems.
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Speech hindrances
  • TMJ conditions

In Conclusion:

If your child has an overbite, visit your dentist soon and treat it as quickly as possible. Take your child for regular checkups to ensure their teeth are developing correctly. Contact and book an appointment now with your dentist, and also know what braces cost in miami.