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August 19, 2022

Do I Need Nance Holding Arch?

Nance Holding Arch

If you are looking to get your teeth to be shifted into the proper position with dental tools, it is not possible. Although there are many different appliances, a nance appliance has a specific purpose. It can retain molars or enlarge or rotate the upper molars. The most typical application is as a space maintainer to stop the advancement of the upper molars. Consult the best orthodontist in Miami to gather more information.


What is the mechanism of a Nance Appliance?

With bands attached to the top arches of the two back teeth, the Nance appliance fits pleasantly along the roof of the mouth. The bands come connected by a wire with a small piece of acrylic in the middle. Feeling discomfort after wearing the appliance! Visit orthodontists Miami fl, today.

The Nance appliance has constraints on lifestyle, right?

To avoid causing gum discomfort, patients wearing the appliance should pay close attention to the roof of their mouths when brushing. They should maintain proper oral hygiene, abstain from consuming carbonated beverages, and limit their consumption of chewy or sticky foods. These kinds of food can harm the appliance if ingested orally.

What is Nance Holding the Arch-Care Advice?

  • The Nance Holding Arch holds the rear molars in place. In young patients who have lost one or more of their baby molars and who need to control the gap open for the emergence of permanent teeth, it is frequently used as a space maintainer. For adult patients, we can move the front teeth back to fix gaps or move them to one side while holding the molars in place with the Nance.
  • The Nance is bonded to the molar teeth and is not detachable. The appliance requires a few days (between 3 and 5) to acclimate. You may have mild tongue pain and band discomfort when the apparatus is first inserted. You might need to take ibuprofen or Tylenol for the first few days and rinse with warm salt water. Saliva production will initially rise and then decline over the next three days.
  • Speaking and swallowing may cause difficulty initially, but this will get easier with practice. For the first few days, we advise a gentle diet. Your tongue may tend to press on the Nance wire, which will leave your tongue with a groove. This does not harm the tongue but could feel sore for a few days.
  • Your mouth's roof will have a slight indentation after removing the Nance. Within 24 to 48 hours, the indentation and any occasional discomfort will go away.
  • The appliance should be cleaned with regular brushing and using a Waterpik to remove large food particles. However, remember that the Waterpik does not remove plaque from your teeth or the Nance. The meal list should be carefully followed, and gum and other hard, sticky items should be avoided.

Call/Contact your Biscayne park orthodontist if you feel discomfort with the appliance.

What foods are off-limits when using an expander?

Avoid chewy or sticky foods like licorice, caramels, taffy, gum, and taffy. Eat no hard foods, such as nuts, popcorn, or ice. Cut whole raw apples, celery, and carrots into bite-sized pieces. Do you have irregular teeth? Consult your orthodontist today and find the most appropriate method for your condition.