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May 23, 2022

Do Braces Cause Discomfort?


According to the best orthodontist in Miami, you may experience slight pain and discomfort while putting on braces. You may also feel discomfort when the dentist adjusts them or when you start using a new appliance such as headgear or rubber bands. If the pain is intense, your dentist may recommend some over-the-counter pain killers to reduce the pain.

Tell your orthodontists Miami fl, if you feel pain after every adjustment. They can make the adjustments a bit differently, or they may provide a special wax to cover the sensitive areas of the braces.

What should we do in case of bracket or wire breakage?

Loose bands, broken braces, or protruding wires can cause problems but rarely require emergency treatment. Still, you should call your orthodontist to set up an office visit to fix the issues. Get treatment immediately if you have a more severe facial or mouth injury. Here are tips to get through some of the most common problems until you see your dental specialist.

Loose Bands

You need to replace them or recement them back into place. Keep the band and schedule an appointment for the repair.  

Loose brackets

To temporarily reattach loose brackets, use a small piece of orthodontic wax. They may lay wax over the bracket to offer a cushion between the bracket and your gums and other sensitive tissues of the mouth. When you get braces, your orthodontist will provide you with orthodontic wax.

Protruding or broken wire

Move the wire to a less problematic location with the eraser end of a pencil. Apply a tiny bit of orthodontic wax to the protruding end if you can't get it out of the way. If you try to cut the wire, you risk accidentally swallowing it or inhaling it into your lungs. If the wire poking the inside of your mouth causes a mouth sore, rinse your mouth properly with warm salt water or an antiseptic rinse. You can also use an over-the-counter dental anesthetic to numb the area.

Loose spacers

According to the dental specialist of braces Hollywood fl, you need to reposition or replace them if they slip or entirely fall out. Visit your dentist to get the replacement of the loose spacers.

What happens after putting off braces?

The best pediatric dentist Miami, will clean your teeth thoroughly after the braces come off. They may want to take more X-rays and bite impressions to see how well the braces worked and if you've developed any wisdom teeth. Suppose your wisdom teeth start to erupt after your braces are gone. In that case, your dentist or orthodontist may recommend that you have them extracted to keep your newly aligned teeth from slipping.

Your orthodontist may also fit you with a retainer, an essential part of post-braces care. Even if braces have effectively straightened your teeth, the bones, gums, and muscles must adapt to the new position before they settle entirely. Teeth also tend to move over time. Because of this, the duration of wearing a retainer varies from person to person.


We hope the above-given information helps you learn more about braces and their uses. The above article discusses the various factors relating to braces treatment. If you still have any concerns or issues related to braces treatment, don't hesitate to visit