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July 8, 2022

Can Laser Treatment Remove Spider Veins?

Spider Veins

Are you looking for an effective treatment to deal with spider veins? Schedule an appointment with a vein specialist as he/she can only diagnose and treat your spider veins precisely. There are various types of spider vein treatments. Still, vein doctors mostly recommend sclerotherapy and laser treatment to their patients to relieve vein disease. Your doctor will tell you what the best option for you is. What is a vein specialist called? A vascular specialist or phlebologist can treat vein issues ideally.

However, sclerotherapy and laser treatments are effective in eliminating the ugly bluish & reddish veins from your legs, but what are the differences? We have discussed it further in the article.

According to the vein doctors, both the treatments are reliable, and you can trust results after the treatments. Still, if you have doubts, call a vein specialist at a nearby vein center and find out the actual facts. What is a vein center? A vein center is where the patients can get the precise diagnosis and treatment for spider & varicose vein conditions.

Sclerotherapy VS. Laser Treatment:

Sclerotherapy treatment involves the usage of an injection filled with chemicals. The solution contains hypertonic saline, Sotradechol, and Polidocanol. And suppose the doctor utilizes foam instead of a solution. In that case, there are chances to achieve a higher treatment success rate. The solution seals the veins more quickly to relieve the patients from spider veins.


A vein doctor injects the saline water directly into diseased veins. The solution destroys the vein lining, and the veins start to shrink down, preventing blood circulation through them. Once the blood circulation stops through them, the body itself removes the diseased veins.

Laser Therapy:

Laser treatment involves a laser device that helps destroy the diseased veins so they can not be functional anymore. As soon diseased veins stop functioning, you won’t see them on your body.


Vein specialists use a laser device to eliminate the diseased veins. They insert the laser into the diseased veins, directly resulting in scarring and preventing blood flow. Once the diseased veins are not functional, the body removes them by itself.

Is Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins Painful?

As mentioned above, sclerotherapy includes saline water to treat the ugly veins; on the other hand, laser treatment utilizes laser heat to scar down the unpleasant veins. The heat generated by the laser device produces a burning sensation that might be unpleasant and painful to the patients.

However, the pain from laser treatment is temporary, and doctors use this method to treat a limited number of diseased veins. It is evident then that if you have several diseased veins, you might have to attend more treatment sessions, bear more pain, and have a longer duration to have flawless legs. On the other hand, sclerotherapy can remove more diseased veins in less period. Moreover, laser treatment produces a burning sensation and slight pain during the treatment. In contrast, you won’t experience such discomfort & pain during sclerotherapy.

Although the pain from laser therapy is treatable using topical numbing creams or gels. You have to apply them directly to the treated area, and you will witness reduced burning sensations.

What to Expect at Home After Spider Vein Treatment?

After receiving the treatments, it may be possible that patients would feel slight pain & discomfort, bruising, or inflammation over the treated area. Your doctors may recommend compression stockings and OTC pain relievers to reduce pain & soreness.

Usually, people want to know, Do spider veins come back after laser treatment? No, after the treatment, veins won’t come back. However, the new ones can grow. Hopefully, you will find this information helpful in determining the most suitable treatment for patients with vein disease.