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January 13, 2022

Are Metal Braces Good for Your Teeth?

metal braces

Several orthodontic alternatives are available nowadays for people who are looking to get metal braces. From traditional metal braces to Invisalign aligners, selecting anyone among them is quite difficult as to which one is the best for your requirements. The top-rated orthodontists near me would possibly refer to the specialists who may work with you to explain the benefits and suggest having metal braces.

What are metal braces?

The orthodontic device metal braces are created with quality stainless steel brackets, each of them is taken out togetherly with the non-toxic dental cement and a metal archwire. The wire is followed by the curve of your jaw and is fixed by a bracket that covers around the backside of molars. The archwire and brackets are working together with a team, including the ligature elastic bands of rubbers to gradually straighten the teeth into the right place. Also, these rubber bands come in a variety of colors.

We have various variations of orthodontic treatments to straighten teeth with the best smile, but the most famous among them is the traditional metal braces which are simple and ample.

How do these metal braces work?

Bored with your traditional braces, then the orthodontist around me would fix the brackets that have the use of special dental glue. After this, the dentists attached the archwire to the brackets. With this method of treatment, the archwire will enable your teeth to move into the correct positions. As they shifted to their new place, new bone and gum tissue filled the spaces which were left behind. When you have done with your treatment and completed the procedure then the end step for many people is to wear the retainers for your best results. These are normally worn at night and carried till one or more years.

What are the benefits of metal braces?

Listed below are the advantages of metal braces and they are-

  • Works quicker than other braces
  • Facilitate a healthy mouth for a lifetime
  • These braces have high durability
  • They are affordable metal braces near me.
  • metal braces have more flexibility.

What colors are available for metal braces?

The archwires and metal brackets are easily available in metallic silver colors. However, the elastic ties bands are accessible in various colors such as the artist palette.

The colors that are available in metal braces are-

  • Red,
  • silver,
  •  green,
  • Purple,
  • Pink,
  • White,
  • Orange,
  • Deep blue,
  • Indigo blue,
  • royal blue,
  • Light blue, etc.

The good braces color would be chosen depending on the patient's needs and skin tone. Through every appointment, they get changed. Typically, everyone is now excited to know the color of their braces.  

How to take care of your braces?

We have penned down some of the vital tips which you need to know while taking care of your braces.

  1. To eliminate the food debris stuck in your teeth, brush your teeth daily.
  2. Utilize an Oral Irrigator to wash Your Teeth and Braces
  3. Select the proper mouth rinse, toothpaste, and floss
  4. Maintain a healthy diet
  5. Flossing should be once a day.

Do metal braces damage teeth?

Normally, the answer to the question “can brace damage my teeth enamel?” is a No. The braces themselves are not dangerous. It will depend on how you safeguard your teeth while you have braces takes good care of them. 

The bottom line

Hopefully! The above article has made you clear about the metal braces which are good for your teeth. Hence, if you are still confused about having them, then do contact the orthodontist Hollywood.