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February 14, 2023

What Do You Need To Know About
The Selective School Test?


You must do thorough research about the selective schools test before you start preparing for it. The selective school test NSW is a fiercely competitive exam to gain entry into the top schools. Every year around thirteen thousand students take part in the examination for around four hundred spots. So, the NSW selective schools test is challenging as you must compete with 12,999 other students to acquire the top position in the exam. 

You can take professional assistance to take part in the examination as they have an expert team of teachers that may guide you throughout the test. You should join them six months before the examination because the more time you invest in the preparation, the more chances you will have to succeed. Take NSW Practice Tests to enhance the possibility of passing the examination. 

Selective Test Preparation Guide:

The main objective of the NSW School test is to sort out the best students at different stages. Also, the students who have a great academic record are the most suitable to take part in the exam. Though every student is different, we have still mentioned valuable tips to help students prepare for the selective school exam. 

Students who have passed Math and English exams have more chances to pass the selective school test. 

What is the Test Format?

The Selective Schools Test NSW is a paper-based exam that involves the three crucial components of the test; Reading, mathematical reasoning, and thinking skills. The reading skills include twenty-five items to be completed in thirty minutes. Mathematical reasoning includes thirty-five items to be done in forty minutes, and the last is the thinking skills which have thirty items with a timeline of thirty minutes.   

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses:

After gaining the necessary information about the exam components, the students must find the most challenging ones. You can use the previous reports and consult your teachers to gain information about the exam's most challenging components that require extra attention. It will allow you more time to improve the weak area while preparing for the test. 

Get Extra Help:

You can take the assistance of a selective school tutor to improve your chances of scoring well on the selective test. It will improve your chances of success in the exam as teachers will help you to comprehend all the questions and develop the necessary skills to enhance the probability of passing the NSW test. 

Mastering Exam Techniques and Reducing Cognitive Load Techniques:

Develop test performance skills to reduce the response time and benefit from the extra time to consider some answers. 

Reading and Writing:

You must strategise everything to complete the reading & writing section successfully. Here, we have mentioned some helpful tips;  

  • Expand your vocabulary aptitudes through a reading program. Note the new words with their respective meanings to improve your vocabulary skills.
  • Grow the skills to read passages to answer the questions. Read the questions first, then the passage. It will help you to save extra time to answer the questions accurately from the given passage.
  • Enjoy reading the passage to obtain the required knowledge.
  • Practice the exam mindfully. Divide the time like three minutes to plan, fifteen minutes to write, and two minutes for editing, if necessary.

Mathematics / General Ability:

Students can utilise the UPSL (Understand, Plan, Solve, Learn) method to learn the world problems and find suitable solutions. 

The Day Before the Test:

Ensure to rest sufficiently to feel relaxed and stress-free before the exam. Also, include nutritious food items such as blueberries, whole grains, etc., to improve your brain's functionality.

Wrapping Up:

We have covered every essential aspect of the NSW selective school test to help you participate in the exam. As this exam requires proper preparation and motivation to sit in the exam, you must take professional assistance.