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July 4, 2022

What Are The Main Types Of SEO Technologies To Boost Site Traffic?

SEO Technology

According to Best SEO Company in India, most people only consider one type of optimization when they think about SEO, which is the type that involves placing keywords on web pages. Although that is a crucial component of SEO, there is much more to it, and in actuality, that's only a tiny portion of one kind of SEO.

And you'll need more than one type of optimization if you want to drive your website as much traffic as possible. Here are a few Indian SEO Packages and strategies to assist your website rank for the key phrases you want. A greater understanding of raising your rank is always good, even though you probably won't use all of them.

On-page SEO

You may have heard about this kind of SEO technology. It is one of the Best SEO Technology that can help boost traffic to your site. Everything visitors will see when they visit your website is considered part of on-page optimization, which mainly includes content. SEO Services Jaipur provides informative and high-quality content, which is the key to building an effective On-page SEO.  

Other on-page SEO strategies include selecting photos that are not too large and writing descriptive file names. It may also include cleaning up the URL structure, having an organized naming scheme for many related sites under one category, etc.

Off-page SEO

SEO Company India says everything you do to perform better and appear higher in Google's SERPs is off-page SEO. It entails focusing on external ranking variables like constructing links from reputable websites in your industry, utilizing social media marketing effectively, getting patrons to provide favorable reviews on various online forums, etc.

White-Hat SEO

White-Hat SEO refers to all the search engine optimization techniques which abide by google. Although results take time to manifest,  genuine goodwill will surround your brand once they do. Additionally, if a new algorithm change occurs, there is no chance that your website will be blocked or demoted in the search results. Overall, if done correctly, white-hat SEO is low-risk and highly rewarding, according to Best SEO Company in India.

Creating helpful and pertinent material after conducting in-depth keyword research. And also, obtaining links from high-authority websites based on the quality of your on-page content, etc., are some white-hat SEO strategies.

Technical SEO

The main goal of technical SEO is to make it easier for Google bots to crawl correctly. Also, to understand and index every page of your website for future usage. It also includes understanding a detailed XML sitemap, mobile-friendliness, and providing structured data to pages. These are just a few tactics used to aid web crawlers in sorting and categorizing them according to the type of material they contain.


We hope the above-provided information helps you learn some essential and beneficial facts regarding SEO technologies. The above article tells us about the types of SEO technologies that can help boost site traffic. For more informative details regarding SEO technologies, please visit