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July 1, 2022

Tacoma vs Tundra: Which Toyota Truck is Right for You?

tacoma vs tundra

The Toyota Tacoma and the Toyota Tundra are two popular choices in truck buyers looking to purchase either new or used trucks, but they each have their own unique features, pros, and cons. Here’s an in-depth look at the Tacoma vs Tundra debate so you can choose which one will work best for you based on your preferences, needs, and budget. For more information on these trucks or to learn about other Toyota models, contact our dealership today!

Before you buy

The first step to buying a truck, of course, is deciding which model you want. If your goal is to pull a boat or a camper (or if you just want more hauling power), we’d recommend going with one of Toyota’s bigger trucks—the Tacoma vs Tundra —over their smaller pickups. The larger sizes are better equipped to handle loads, and they come with V8 engines that will make them more fun to drive. If there’s no load in sight but you still need practical cargo space and great fuel economy, then opt for one of our Camry-based trucks like the Corolla or RAV4-based Cami instead.

If you need lots of hauling space

The 2015 Tacoma might be right for you. This pickup truck holds up to 440 cubic feet of cargo, and offers higher payload capacity than either of its competitors. The Tacoma has a special trim level, TRD Pro, that’s especially suited to off-roading adventures. While it lacks some luxury features available in other trucks, a 2015 Tacoma boasts an impressive array of options and packages. If you need a lot of space in your pickup truck and need to haul large or heavy items on a regular basis, consider purchasing a 2015 Tacoma. We have plenty of stock located near our Denver dealership serving Aurora and Parker CO drivers from Commerce City CO to Lone Tree CO .

If you want a hybrid option

The Tacoma Hybrid comes in both regular cab and Double Cab configurations and starts at $26,000. It gets better fuel economy than a standard V6 Tacoma with a six-speed manual transmission (22 city/28 highway) but worse than that of a standard 4.0-liter V6 Tundra with an eight-speed automatic (17 city/24 highway). If you want greater fuel efficiency—and are okay with giving up some towing capacity and hauling capabilities—the Tacoma is your best bet. But if you need heavy hauling capability or towing power, you should opt for a Tundra.

If you can't afford an F-150

For pickup truck shoppers on a budget, there are several different options. A full-size truck can be had from several manufacturers, including Chevrolet and Ram. For smaller jobs and day-to-day driving needs, a mid-size pickup truck might be just what you need. Chevy's Colorado and GMC's Canyon are solid choices in that category. However, if you're still drawn to Toyota, then a Tacoma might be right for you; both used models and new models can be found at dealerships throughout Central New York. This compact pickup is available with two or four doors, which makes it versatile; it also comes in rear wheel drive or four wheel drive models depending on how rugged your adventures are expected to be.

Why hybrid trucks are great

Hybrid trucks run on electricity and fuel, which means they can be much more powerful than other trucks that rely just on diesel. Hybrid trucks also have a better range of power, meaning you won’t end up stuck in a ditch somewhere if you need to run at full speed. Plus, hybrid engines last longer and require less fuel than traditional diesel engines. If you don’t want to deal with gas or maintenance issues, or if you want a truck that will last for decades (without having to replace batteries), then hybrid trucks are probably what you’re looking for.