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June 1, 2024

SS 304 vs. SS 316 Fasteners: Which is Best for Your Project?


In that regard, the issue of which SS Threaded flanges manufacturer in India to go for in your project can easily be answered: stainless steel is definitely a reliable material of preference because of its high resistance-to-corrosion properties, strength and appealing aesthetic that it gives your industrial product.

Also, the fact that different grades of stainless steel exist and those grades are not uniform within the industry implies that settling for the right stainless steel without a hint of doubt may be hard. The fastener industry has two extremes in the grade chart: SS304 and SS316. This post will outline the important parts of distance learning in college and how to choose which direction to go before embarking on a new project.

Understanding the Basics of SS 304 and SS 316

When explaining gaps, let us also make sure that what we are about to discuss is SS 304 and SS 316 first. Druing these grades we can get a nice, corrosion resistent and hard material. SS 304 core will have the edge since the material is made of both iron alloy and has properties resistant to oxidation and corrosion, which occurs in different mediums. Unlike SS 304 fasteners, the corrosion resistance of both SS 316 lags that of the SS 304 by 10 to 16%. And to a large extent, this is because there is a 2% molybdenum addition in the SS 316 light . Hence, more corrosion resistance is noted against chloride attacks and other hostile compounds

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is one of the important features which should be examined when delimiting fateners of SS304 and SS316. While both grades provide excellent corrosion resistance, the SS 316 fasteners beat the competition if we consider even more critical environments. The SS 316 from SS 316 fasteners manufacturers in India contains molybdenum to form a protective finish on the surface, which is why it is more resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion caused by chloride. If you have a saltwater exposure project, marine products or environment, or chemicals are corrosive, the fasteners types of AISI 316 SS are preferable.

Cost Considerations: SS 304 vs. SS 316

A sharp distinction between the prices of SS 304 and 316 fasteners is also an important point to consider. Besides Molybdenum content on SS 316 screws, they score high on costs in comparison to SS 304 screws which are cheaper. However, if corrosion resistance of SS 316 screws will not be of vital importance for the task, you can still run a cost-saving if you go for SS 304 screws. The quality is still as high. Conducting a detailed assessment of your project's specific requirements and resource scope is pivotal to making an appropriate choice.


SS Threaded Flanges manufacturer in India offers both acceptable options for your project, so you must first identify what suits your needs the most, the surroundings in which they will be utilized, and your budget. At Regal Sales Corp, we understand the need for fastening. Therefore, we understand that selecting the right fasteners is key for your project.