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February 18, 2021

E-books as Your Best Asset

Thinking of starting a business online? Not sure what type of product to sell or to promote? Well, I was just reading an amazing E-book that shared some very simple concepts that anyone can implement, and they start with having one thing, an E-book.


Information is constantly being distributed and passed around for free on the internet. One can read free internet articles on how to trade stocks, or how to improve your golf swing, but those articles don’t always give you a step by step guide to learn all the tricks. People are now relying on information that will help guide them in doing a highly specialized trade, like trading stocks, repairing vintage automobiles, or losing weight. There are many paper books available that will teach people how to do these things, but much of the time, people are going to the internet to find solutions and find current information on specialized trades.

Let’s look at some reasons why an E-book can be a great asset:

1. An E-book is digital, and can be kept online at a website, not at a warehouse.

2. It can only be downloaded from a website 24/7 and as it is totally secure, it cannot be passed around the internet as a free un-secure article.

3. One has to buy an E-book to read it. It can only be read after it is paid for.

4. Once an E-book is created an E-book, it is forever available.

5. After writing the E-book, the work is done, and it can constantly make money for you. Of course, the more it is kept updated, and the more E-books one has, the more profit potential there is.

6. When an E-book is sold, the customer does not have to wait for it. It’s delivered to them instantly, and they can conveniently store it on their computer or laptop, so it is available to them more easily.

7. Paper Books take about a year to get published and cost a lot of money in printing, postage and handling. E-books have no publishing cost, and can be delivered through the internet saving time and money on postage and handling.

8. There are very simple and sophisticated internet marketing tools to drive traffic to ones website for people to buy the E-books.

9. E-books can always be revised and kept updated as fast as one can create new content. This makes E-books more current than a normal paperback.

10. An E-book can be bought forever. This gives it an unlimited profit potential.

So, think about spending some extra time and compile a 30-100 page E-book, that is high quality, and gives the customer great value. The time spent doing this can create a steady income stream forever. When we start thinking about moving our mindset from trading our time for money, to having our assets work for us, we start to shift from having to always work for our money, to letting our E-books work for us.



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