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June 19, 2023

Brussels Unveiled: Unforgettable Experiences and the Best Things to Do in the Capital of Belgium


The best things to do brussels

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan destination known for its stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and rich cultural heritage. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, an art enthusiast, or simply looking to soak up the lively atmosphere, Brussels offers a wide array of attractions and activities to suit every traveler's interests.

Explore the Grand Place: The Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the heart of Brussels and a must-visit attraction. Marvel at the stunning medieval architecture of the Town Hall and the surrounding guildhalls, which showcase intricate details and impressive facades. The square is especially magical in the evenings when it's beautifully illuminated.

Indulge in Belgian Chocolate: Belgium is renowned for its exquisite chocolate, and Brussels is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Visit some of the renowned chocolatiers and chocolateries such as Pierre Marcolini, Neuhaus, or Godiva to experience the rich flavors and craftsmanship of Belgian chocolate.

Discover the Atomium: A symbol of modern things to do brussels, the Atomium is an iconic structure that represents a molecule's nine atoms magnified 165 billion times. Take a tour inside to explore the exhibition spaces, enjoy panoramic views of the city from the top sphere, and learn about its fascinating history.

Visit the Royal Museums of Fine Arts: Art enthusiasts will delight in visiting the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, which houses an extensive collection of artworks. The museum complex consists of the Museum of Ancient Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Fin-de-Siècle Art, and the Magritte Museum, showcasing a wide range of artistic styles and periods.

Experience the European Quarter: Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium but also the de facto capital of the European Union. Explore the European Quarter, where you can visit the European Parliament, the European Commission, and other EU institutions. The Parlamentarium, an interactive visitor center, offers insightful exhibits about the European Union's history and work.

Sample Belgian Beer: Belgium is famous for its beer culture, and Brussels is home to a vast selection of traditional breweries and cozy beer bars. Enjoy a taste of Belgian beer, from refreshing wheat beers to rich Trappist ales, and immerse yourself in the vibrant pub culture of Brussels.

Wander through the Royal Palace and Park: Pay a visit to the Royal Palace of Brussels, the official residence of the Belgian royal family. While the palace itself is not open to the public, you can explore the beautiful adjacent park, known as Brussels Park, which offers a tranquil escape in the heart of the city.

Stroll around the Sablon District: The Sablon district is a charming neighborhood that exudes elegance and sophistication. It is famous for its antique shops, art galleries, and luxury boutiques. Take a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone streets, admire the beautiful architecture, and stop by one of the many quaint cafes for a delightful break.

Explore the Comic Strip Route: Brussels has a rich tradition of comic strip art, and the city pays tribute to this art form with its Comic Strip Route. Follow the trail of colorful murals scattered throughout the city, depicting beloved Belgian comic book characters such as Tintin, Spirou, and the Smurfs.

Delight in Belgian Waffles: No visit to Brussels is complete without indulging in a delicious Belgian waffle. These fluffy treats come in a variety of flavors and toppings, from classic powdered sugar to decadent chocolate drizzles and fresh fruit. Find a local waffle stand or visit a traditional tearoom to savor this.